Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Indian camp

Once upon a time, I innocently suggested to James that he consider creating a "fossil" garden, a place where he could privately display his ever growing collection the back yard. I envisioned a simple bed, outlined with stones and perhaps planted with cacti for effect.


James liked my idea, but...

He came up with his own design.

While I was gone a week to my Guideposts Writers Workshop in Rye, New York, in October, he got to work. And I mean WORK.

When I got back home, he'd finished his newest project: an Indian encampment.

Here in this special area, he arranges the arrowheads and worked pieces that he finds along the Blanco River.

Come spring, he plans to sow native grass seeds that we ordered from Native American Seed in Junction. Stay tuned!

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