Thursday, March 8, 2012

First hummer!

Here we go! Spring has officially sprung at the Pink House! We hung up a feeder this morning, and a black-chinned male showed up around supper time.

We also counted SIX robins in our back yard, the most that I can ever remember. I did count eight to 10 last week in the Meadow. That was cool.

(Last year, we spotted our first hummer March 14. I'm wondering if this one was already around, and we'd have seen him earlier if we hung up a feeder?)

Welcome back, y'all!


Anonymous said...


I always love to see the first hummer of the season. I've had a female Rufous that has stayed through the winter in my backyard. I've seen her less and less, so I think she is getting ready to move on.

(Sorry, Steph, I accidently "rejected" your comment so here it is, copied and pasted. Darn it.....Sheryl)

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

I know one or two folks around Boerne had hummer that overwintered. Wow, that's amazing.

Unknown said...

this tells me to get our feeders out and ready for these amazing birds!! I do believe Spring is here now-and thank goodness for the wonderful rains. Its exciting to even hear the Thunder.

Great news. Martha

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