Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New additions and transplants

Frostweed (three) transplanted from my mother's house near Boerne.

I got invited to a "plant swap" last Sunday at Landa's house. Fun! Came home with this dianthus....
...this sweet little zinnia...
...and three sedums (I love sedums).

We bought two 'Autumn Colors' Rudbeckia hirta from Arnosky's farm and planted in a front bed...

...and three 'Texas Sage' salvia (annual) for the back yard.
Last November, we bought a pot of shrimp plants from the Methodist church bazaar and planted them in the front.

In the front, I transplanted some tough frogfruit from our driveway. I tried to pull up a thick patch near the mail box, but it said NO. Its root was deep down through the rocks. I gave up and said OK OK, you win!

I dug up some inland sea oats and overwintered them in the garage. They're in the back yard now.

Leadwort plumbago, a transplant from our yard.

Salvia transplants from the yard.

Another bed of blue mistflower coming, more transplants. Anybody want some? They spread and multiply like rabbits!

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