Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring cleaning at Blanco State Park

This morning, I assisted Mary Alice Partain, an interpretive ranger at Blanco State Park, clean out 12 of the park's 36 purple martin gourds. So far, the state park–alas, like us–hasn't attracted any tenants. And we've both got such fabulous accommodations, too! What's up with that? Our house here has suite-style rooms with an entry hall and a nesting room. Plenty roomy as well, the park's apartments have river views, a HUGE plus if you happen to eat insects. Which martins do. 

For right now, Mary Alice and I agreed that it makes more sense to open just one level and not all three. Otherwise, it's a nightmare trying to keep the English sparrow nests out. We both take down our purple martin housing once a week to clean out sparrow nests. If and when martins start moving into the park complex, then she'll open up more. Since we only have six suites here, James and I opened them all up.

Wish us both luck!



Lorilee said...

Wishing you both luck. We haven't had Martins in several years! We have an expensive new house for them too! We do have a bat house that is full. We just added another bat house!

SkipKip Kiphart said...

Bastard Cabbage, a nasty invasive, had reached the DFW Metroplex when I moved to Boerne in 2001.
Now it has reached Boerne. Sorry to see so much of it a Inks.

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