Monday, March 18, 2013

Making more plants

(Disclaimer: We do have a few nonnatives in our Wildscape. The Texas Wildscapes program calls for at least 50 percent, which we more than meet.)

* * * 

I'm not into bulbs and such, though we have some in our Wildscape. Most were already here (irises) when my daughter and I moved into the house back in 2002. In the years since, I've added a few more that came to me as gifts. So when James and I arrived at the Llano Lawn and Garden Show last Saturday, I listened to Keenan Fletcher's program on "Heirloom Bulbs: Preserving the Past," but much of her discussion was over my head.

Until she mentioned oxalis...

Although not a native, windowbox wood sorrel makes a pretty, cascading mound of green color in the yard. The pink flowers bloom at least twice (spring and fall). We have some planted around the faux wishing well that James made several years ago. A drought doesn't kill oxalis either, which is a BIG plus in these parts.

So I was QUITE excited when I heard Keenan mention that oxalis bulbs can be divided. Really? I didn't know that! So yesterday, I set to work with my trowel. It was easy to dig my fingers around the small bulbs. Disentangling the leaves was the challenge. But sure enough, I worked out a good number of starter bulbs. Cool! I planted them in a few other spots, and James gave them a douse of water.

Thank you, Keenan!


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