Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More bulb work

Since the oxalis bulbs were so easy to dig up and transplant, I decided I'd get me some daffodil bulbs (which were planted years ago by the previous owners)

For one thing, daffodil bulbs live MUCH deeper than oxalis bulbs. I worked and worked AND WORKED to dig down and reach them. It took even MORE effort to get them out intact and uninjured. What I thought would be an easy project turned into several hours of work. But I did it. I dug up a load of bulbs from just one grouping and planted them in between the other groupings to fill in. I was exhausted when I finally finished.

Then, miracles of miracles, it rained early this morning! We (and all the newly planted bulbs, daffodil and oxalis) got about 1.25 inches of much needed rain. Thank you, Lord!

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