Thursday, May 26, 2016

Welcome to our Wildscape

Like our new sign? It's a bit larger and flashier than one I made back in 2010 (see photo of it below). That one had faded a LOT. So I "created" and ordered a new one online via VistaPrint. Maybe sometime I'll try and redo our old sign. But in the meantime, we've got this new one. We'll see how long it holds up (it's made of corrugated plastic, like campaign signs).


Ann said...

When I lived in Plano our yard was certified a backyard wildlife habitat. I worked hard and I had so many lovely creatures and flowers. I have since moved to three acres of piney woods in east Texas and everything here is a wildscape naturally. I'm trying to work with nature here now and don't have to create anything. Love your blog and the hill country.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Thank you! I lived outside of Tatum in Martin Creek Lake State Park with my forrmer husband from 1988 to '89. Are you close to that area?

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