Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another bird bath!

I just couldn't resist! I spotted this for sale in Wimberley on on Craigslist right after the floods. It never did sell so James and I ran over there last week and bought it. We both love it. I think we're up to at least 20 bird baths now in the back yard. One can never have too many, I believe.


Meadowview Thymes said...

LOVE it!! I agree--one cannot have enough birdbaths!
(I think this is one of the cutest I have ever seen though)

Melody McMahon said...

How funny! I just bought another bird bath this morning at a garage sale! I'm always on the hunt and not always successful since most have a crack or something that makes them not quite work. It's the hunt that is half the fun though! This one I put in the back yard where the deer can't drink the water. The one near the driveway is emptyed several times a day even though there's a large tub of water for the deer! I like your new one too! Good find!

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