Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our first jimsonweed bloom

It's official! Our jimsonweed (Datura wrightii) bloomed for the first time last night. We know that for certain because we went outside the night before, and it wasn't blooming yet. The rest of that story is that we went outside, way after dark, in our pajamas. James first, me second, out the front door. 

"Did you just shut the door, Sheryl?" James asked.

Uh, oh.


"That means we're locked out. Right?"


We laughed. 

We could laugh because we know we have a well hidden key that would let us back in. Otherwise, we'd have been been breaking into our own home, I guess.

And yes, we went back outside, way after dark, in our pajamas again to check the jimsonweed. I made doubly sure to UNLOCK the door before I closed it. And YES, the big bloom was flowering! So beautiful. James snapped these photos with his camera. 

Our nighttime adventure reminded me of the time we walked down the street with our daughter, Lindsey, to snap pictures of our neighbor's jimsonweed in bloom. (Hey, I was in my PJs then, too!) Good times!

P.S. Some day time shots taken this morning of our "moonflower"....

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