Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Spider smarts

The other morning, I happened to see a long strand of silk, coming down from an oak over the patio. Hmmm, I thought. Then what should I spy, but a green crab spider, perched atop one of our blue iron chairs. Evidently, she'd recently dropped down from the tree and stationed herself on the chair. She was in prime prey position, ready to grab whatever meal might fly by. 

"Silly spider," I laughed. "What do you expect to catch THERE?"
 You have to look REAL close at the top of this chair, and you can see her. I cropped the photo (below) so she shows up better. See her? She's lit up by the sun.
Anyway, I try not to interfere too much with nature, but after passing by her several times, I decided I'd go ahead and move her to a location where she'd be more successful in snagging breakfast....atop a black-eyed susan.
 See her? While I was photographing her with my point-and-shoot, I noticed a jumping spider on another bloom, Naturally, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take a picture of my favorite kind of spider.
I didn't stick around after I got my shots, but I'm quite sure that my "smart" crab spider gal enjoyed a fine dining experience after I left. 

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