Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mr. Bold Jumping Spider

After I photographed the other spiders Thursday, we sat down on the back patio to relax. In the evening sunlight, I saw a strand of silk streaming in the air, coming off a green chair that's part of an outdoor table set. I didn't think much about it. Maybe a spiderling attempting to balloon?
Then James spotted a jumping spider, perched on the chair. A bold jumper (Phidippus audax), my favorite species since childhood! What a cutie!
Then he stuck his little abdomen in the air. Ah ha! It'd been HIM, shooting out silk! He was trying to catch a breeze and take off but where, I have no idea. He didn't either, I'm sure. Likely searching for a gal to marry. I ended up moving him to a flower bed. Best wishes in your voyages, Mr. Bold Jumping Spider! 

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Ragna said...

What great pictures! So cute -- I love these guys. Sometimes they find their way into my kitchen where they serve me well catching flies. I find the hollow remains. This makes them an especially helpful spider to have around.

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