Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beware of new invasive plant species

Reprinted from the June 2015 issue of iWire, a monthly e-newsletter published by

New Invasive Species Discovered in Texas
In May, the observant eyes of landowners led to the discovery of a new non-native and potentially invasive species in Texas. Dennis and Denise Johnston came across a wildflower they hadn’t seen before on their ranch in Burnet County. Curious, the couple enlisted the help of Bill Carr, a Texas botanist at Acme Botanical Services. Mr. Carr identified the plant as blue hound’s tongue, Cynoglossum creticum. This plant has been identified in the U.S. only once before, in southwestern Missouri. It is native to the Mediterranean area, and has the potential to be invasive, having caused problems in pastures in some parts of the world. While a quickly organized pulling party spent three hours removing enough to fill two pick-up truck beds, there is still much remaining on not only the Johnston’s property but neighboring ones as well. Plans are being formulated to attack the plant next Spring.  Learn more about blue hound’s tongue.

(Photos courtesy Bill Carr, Acme Botanical Services)

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