Saturday, July 1, 2017

Eight-spotted flea beetle

 Look what I found perched on a snapdragon vine! An eight-spotted flea beetle (Omophoita cyanipennis). Beautiful, eh? I was looking for the vine's roots so I could water it when this beetle caught my eye. For once I had my camera with me! When I was done taking photos, I nudged it a bit. Sure enough, the beetle flicked away. My suspicions were correct–this beetle is a member of the flea beetle family (Alticini). I found the correct species on entomologist Mike Quinn's Travis County Beetle Survey page. Thanks, Mike!

Oh, but get this. According to's species account, this beetle is "mostly found along the margins of wetlands." Hmmm. Interesting. Our back yard is definitely NOT wet.


Ento Mike said...

find your nearest wetland and see if it isn't more common there...

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...


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