Saturday, July 1, 2017

Trashline orbweaver

This tiny, eight-legged darling (about 3mm in size) is a trashline orbweaver, more than likely Cyclosa turbinata. I found her on our front porch, where she strung her web between two metal handrail posts. She has two top humps, which are lacking on Cyclosa conica

Trashline orbweavers place a line of accumulated debris through their web's center on a band of silk. "The debris includes the indigestible remains of prey and fragments of dry leaves," states Common Spiders of North America. "She usually sits in the center of the web but occasionally rests in the trashline. This is an effective camouflage." Indeed, you can barely tell the spider from the trash when you look closely at the trashline!


Walker said...

Wow! I have never seen this before, but will be looking for it now.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

She's cool, right?

Unknown said...

Wow! This is so cool. Thanks for this blog.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Nature's AMAZING!

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