Sunday, July 16, 2017

Poor beautyberry

July 1, 2017
We planted two American beautyberries in October 2014. One must have died because we only have one. Last year, it struggled but came back this spring. It was growing gang busters, then we noticed a wilting branch. The branch died. Then another wilted. Looking for help, I posted the photo above on Facebook and asked for input as to what might be happened. No one really offered any advice. Look at the poor beautyberry now (below). We may be losing it for good this time. And I don't know why. And yes, I've been giving it water to get it through these hot weeks.
July 16, 2017


Maury said...

I have lost several plants in a similar fashion in years past. I have decided they died from Cotton Root Rot. When its hot outside and watering doen't help the plant you can bet its issue is related to fungus.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Ah, thank you, Maury!!!

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