Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hackled orbweaver

I just love finding new creatures to photograph in our Wildscape. This one was hanging within a pot of mother-in-law tongue plants. What is this creature? First clue: there's an orbweb. So it's a orbweaver spider of some kind. This one was small, about a fourth of an inch or so. Which made it very difficult to photograph. But I did my best.
While culling and editing photos, I was about to click the "delete" button when I spotted the photo bomber (above). Can you see her? She's of the eight-legged variety....a bold jumping spider.
So meet a hackled orbweaver, more specifically a feather-legged spider (Uloborus sp.). Perhaps Uloborus glomosus? In the close-ups below, you can actually see the "feathers" on the spider's front legs.

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