Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A home for a spider

Now, generally, I don't like to interfere with nature. But today I did. I confess. But it was for the sake of a spider! And we all know how Sheryl feels about spiders, right?

Here's what happened: This morning, James and I decided to visit the "new" Blanco Gardens on Main Street. James and his mom, Mary, are doing a GREAT job there. Meanwhile, I spotted a spider on a web in the cacti area. She was perched in a silken retreat behind her orbweb. I'd never seen that kind of behavior before. Most orbweavers like to hang upside-down on their webs. Intrigued, I borrowed James' phone and snapped a few photos. 

Well, you know me–I just couldn't bear to go off and leave her. What if someone knocked her off? Or a customer buying the adjoining cactus squashed her? Politely, I asked Mary, whom I've known for years, if I could take the spider home. She said yes, of course. Mary even gave me a plastic cup and baggy so I could safely transport her.

At home, I released my eight-legged friend, who's likely an orbweaver in the genus Metepeira, on my mandarin tree. I also suspect that she was transplanted here.

I hope to check on her now and then. Welcome to the Pink House, girl!

Next day: She made a web on the front porch!



sandy lawrence said...

Bless you! Great rescue. Now she has a safe home. LOVE orbweavers! And also the little jumping spiders, too. They're all good garden friends. I just relocated an orbweaver egg sac from a fence demolition, so I'm hoping the eggs were still viable ...

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Bless YOU! I'm sure the eggs will be fine. Keep me posted!

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