Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Very hungry caterpillars


I took a video of one pipevine caterpillar, chomping down on a swanflower. Around here, the butterfly mamas lay so many eggs that the larvae run out of foliage to eat. I transferred the one above to the swanflower. In the meantime, James spotted a larva starting the chysalis process (photos below).
Yesterday afternoon
Taken earlier today

Images below May 9, 2019

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sandy lawrence said...

I miss these guys! I used to go around collecting & transferring them when a food source had dried up, but where I lived then, I had a big patch of the native pipe vine, so they mostly had enough food, I think, though they ate it to the ground every year. It always came back, stronger than ever. I love that plant; going to see if I can find a bit & start it here.

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