Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chile pequins relocated, too

Last week, I happened to notice a huge, healthy chile pequin, growing along a neighbor's fence line. Yesterday, I walked over and looked around for some young ones that we might dig up. Success! I found two. So I emailed Butch and asked if we could have them. Yes, he wrote back.
Awhile ago, James and I walked over there, and he dug them both up.

I grew up with this native hot pepper but never paid much attention to them growing in our yard in Corpus Christi. Now I think they're extra cool and love the bright red fruit they produce in the winter. Birds supposedly eat the peppers, but I didn't see any dine on ours last year.

Here's one newly planted chile pequin....

And there's our second....welcome to our Wildscape, peppers!

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