Thursday, October 21, 2010

Toad relocation Part 2

Home again

Two days ago (see Tuesday, Oct. 19 post), I moved a big, fat toad to the sanctuary, where I thought he'd be much happier. In the sanctuary, I keep two shallow plates filled with water, just for toads. Key word: I. Yes, I thought he'd be happier. Evidently the toad did NOT agree because he went right back to the yucky corner where the air conditioner drain drips!

What I didn't mention is the sanctuary is clear across the back yard, a pretty long journey by webbed foot, I'd think. But this toad didn't care. He trekked right back to his corner, where I spotted him just a while ago. I just had to laugh. Now that's a determined toad!

And you know, I could SWEAR I moved him over to the sanctuary a few months ago, too....


louielouie said...

They are determined. My job at the EmilyAnn Theatre used to be moving the toads to farther-off ponds so there was no croaking during Romeo's soliloquy. By the next night, they'd always find their way back.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Who knew? Wow, they're so much smarter than they LOOK!

Shawnelle said...

Now that is determination. There's a life lesson in there somewhere:) Thanks, Sheryl!
I love the pic of the jumping spider. What a sweet, sweet face.

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