Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spider versus mantis

Yesterday, we were telling Patrick goodby when I noticed a beautiful argiope spider above the left garage door. I was oohing at her when James spotted a praying mantis over the other garage door. He joked about the mantis maybe wanting to eat the spider. Well, sure enough, James came back in the house later and exclaimed, "The praying mantis is gonna get the spider!"

So I rushed outside. Yep, the mantis had crawled over toward the spider and was eyeing her VERY hungrily. James went for the camera, and we snapped a few photos before I climbed on a ladder and nicely removed her so the spider would be out of harm's way.

Nice profile shots, eh? She posed as agreeably as she could.

Then we placed her in the salvia coccineas, where she'll find plenty of moths and other insects.

Honestly, I try not to interfere with nature too terribly much. But in this case, I had to intervene. The argiope over the garage is the only one I've seen this season, and I'd like her to hang around long enough to leave an egg sac for next spring.

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