Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meet a grown-up antlion....

Earlier this year, I photographed what I thought was an adult antlion, but it turned out to be an owlfly (see May 28, 2010), which is related to an antlion. Well, a few days ago, I spotted another familiar-looking insect flying from a live oak branch. I stuck out my hand, and it landed on me. Ah, YES, a REAL antlion! Off it flew before landing on a tomato cage. I ran into the house for my camera and managed to get some good shots.

While I was shooting, I laughed. Because whenever I'd aim the camera toward it, the antlion would dodge and hide behind the wire. It did that several times. But I still managed to get some photos! (By the way, owlflys have long antennae; antlions have short antennae with clubbed tips.)

By the way, read my short piece about antlions, "Pits of Death," in the August 2010 issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.

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