Saturday, April 19, 2014

A second chance? Martins!

BIG SURPRISE! Honestly, I'd given up on getting purple martins this year. Especially after last year's sad loss of our first-ever couple's four eggs to a likely rat snake. Yesterday, I was working on my plant markers in the yard. Now and then, I'd hear a martin calling up in the sky. Oh, well, they won't come visit our house, I thought. Later, though, James and I heard them calling CLOSER. We ran over to the Meadow to see. Sure enough, two martins were flying over the house. They landed on the utility line, then flew over the house some more. Then they left. 
See them on the utility line?

While we were eating supper, we heard them calling again! So we hurried and cleaned up the kitchen. Then we carried out our lawn chairs, binoculars and camera.
They came back!

We stayed outside, watching, the rest of the evening. At one point, more martins showed up. But only our two stayed. He checked out one of the gourds; she peeked inside a top-floor compartment. They both battled with a male house sparrow. Finally, they decided to bunk in the bottom north side of the house. I guess we'll see if they decide to STAY and nest. Hope so! Time to get the snake netting up. And get rid of some sparrows, too. 

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