Wednesday, April 30, 2014


 Never a dull around here! We were eating supper last night when–**BAM!**–a white-winged dove torpedoed into our dining room window and hit the ground. "Oh, no!" I groaned to James as he went tearing outside. I couldn't bear to look. "Is she dead?" James tried to pick her up, but she flew off and hit one of our little patio chairs. Finally, he managed to grab her. I took their photo. Then he tried to set her on the fence, but she seemed dizzy or nearly dead. So we gently put her in a cardboard box. We finished our meal and cleaned up the kitchen. When he went to check on her, she struggled to get out. GOOD SIGN! So we went outside to let her go. Slowly, I opened the box. Like a torpedo once again, she shot off. See her in the photo below–she's right smack in the middle, wings bowed downward. End of story about one lucky dove. :-)

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Unknown said...

Great work for giving this Dove another flight! Way to go James & Sheryl...

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