Monday, April 14, 2014

Pounded AGAIN

For the second time in the past week, hail hit our town. In fact, it hailed a week ago today. But TODAY'S storm was MEMORABLE, to say the least. The pea-sized (and some marble and larger) fell from the sky in huge amounts. James shot a video while I ran around the house, checking windows and worrying about our plants. One time, I opened the kitchen door to our garage, and the sound of hail pounding on our metal roof was literally DEAFENING. Amazing! We were hoping and praying for rain but could have done without the hail. Thank you, Lord, anyway! 

Right now, the sun's shining bright, and the wind's gusting away. Tonight we may have a light freeze. Here's hoping and praying that all our plant friends do well through this strange spring weather.


Our new evergreen sumac (planted last week) seeds to have weathered the hail fine. So far.

Our new Texas star hibiscus, also just planted, took a beating but is still standing.

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Rock rose said...

You really did get a pounding and if I am not mistaken it will be a frost tonight. I hope your plants didn't take too much of a hit. We had hail last week and it was several days before they showed the pock marks of the beating.

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