Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I give up

At least, this season I do. Maybe for good. I adore purple martins, but they just won't occupy our house. The sparrows are relentless, of course. Then the starlings showed up. The latter are just plain nasty (so are sparrows) and poop on everything, including the new gourdes we put up this spring. Yes, we have traps. Both kinds. Compartment and repeater on the ground. But I just didn't have the energy this year to fight off everyone. We had the one pair who stayed overnight a few weeks ago, and that was it. Since then, martins have flown over and even perched on our house. But that's it. I'm so down that I've thought of selling my martin stuff, house and all, and put the proceeds toward a chimney swift tower. 

From one frying pan into another....


Anonymous said...

One year I had a family but none in the last 3... E.Sparrows and the yard trees and shrubs are now taller... less fly space so I feel your pain.
Jane C.

Unknown said...

What is a Chimney Swift for Sheryl? Something tells me another way to bring a "different" species of Bird to the Hearn yards!

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