Saturday, April 26, 2014

More plant markers

We have a LOT of plants in our Wildscape! I know this because I just recently received my third order of 100 plant markers! This time, I ordered a larger size from Paw Paw Everlast Label Company. My first two orders were size M (miniature). [You can see the difference in the photo below.] They've worked well; however, accumulated leaves and other debris in some beds eventually covers them up, and I have to dig around to find them. Like this week when I almost couldn't find those for our coralberry, inland sea oats and Mexican oregano. So I decided I'd try a taller, larger size, which is E (rose labels). 

I really like these markers a lot. On the back, I mark where we bought/got the plants and the date planted. After several years, though, alas, they do fade and get beat up. Then I have to mark over them again (see photo below). Overall, I definitely recommend them. 

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Molly said...

Nice! We probably all need to add markers to our gardens. When visitors ask me the name of plants I often have to tell them I'll remember in a few minutes. No one can keep track of 100s of plant names ready for recall on a moment's notice.

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