Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bat house UP

After more than a year, we finally got our bat house up today! We just weren't sure what kind of pole to use. I finally ordered an S&K telescoping pole that was advertised for use with bat houses. Ah, more alterations to be made. If you ever want advice on telescoping poles, ask us!

Like with our martin house pole, James installed bolts at each section on the pole. We decided we weren't going to rely on the thumb buttons on this pole either. It does make for a much sturdier pole when you add bolts. He also bolted the pole to the ground socket, which is set in concrete.

We put the bat house on our adjoining lot, where the martin house stands. Like martins, bats require an open flyway not close to utility lines. They also prefer a south or southeast orientation for warmth.

So now we wait some more....for bees, bat and purple martins.

Hey, we've got a pair of eastern screech owls roosting in both the nest boxes we put up last year. So I'm sure everyone else will come, too. Right?


......... said...

Gosh. You must have a lot of land, which is good because I wouldn't want bats to be too close to MY house. It will be fun to hear and watch them at dusk.
Linda Shrake

Tonya said...

So, how did you mount the house to the pole?

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