Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cross off another project

James does not stand still. EVER. For awhile, he'd had a neat idea of putting up a cedar fence on our adjacent lot, just under the live oaks. Last week, he chiseled 2 feet down through limestone and carved out 17 post holes (and got HUGE blisters on his hands). Then Tuesday, he drove up to Haynes Cedar Company in Johnson City, bought 17 posts, and loaded them into his Corolla. After he got them unloaded, I walked outside to see them. "Here, hold one," he said. "I want to see how they're gonna look." So while I held a post in place, he shoveled dirt around it, packed it down...and went for another post. Before I knew it, he had more than 10 posts in the ground. By then, it was getting pretty chilly, so–confession time!–I bailed out and went back in the house. James finished setting the posts before dark.

Wednesday afternoon, we borrowed our neighbors' pickup and headed back for Haynes Cedar Company. Like James told me, Bill Haynes really does have a well-organized operation west of town on U.S. 290. Not to mention Bill's a very nice gentleman who takes pride in his work. (Plus he and his wife, Janet, read a lot and collect Texana books, which make them even cooler.) After Bill and his guys loaded 32 more posts, we were back on the road, headed home....

...and back to work!

Yeah, I helped–I held posts in place, but James did all the REAL work. I take no credit whatsoever. And once again, he finished his project before sunset. What a guy.

Great job, James!!


Anonymous said...

Good god, that was quick. I need a James around for my garden projects.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Yes, the man is PURE ENERGY!

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