Thursday, March 26, 2009

Buds and blooms

Spring brings so much energy when it arrives. I have really felt it today, especially when I spotted the purple martins flitting overhead. It's so fun and even exciting to walk around the our Wildscape and see green buds and colorful blooms appear on once dead limbs and branches. Or perhaps to see new growth shoot up from dead foliage. For instance, yesterday I was thrilled to spot a little bud popping up from the coneflower. I really thought it was a goner. But nope. We'll have coneflower for a second season. Our yellow columbine hasn't done as well over the years.

And the red columbine starting blooming just a few days ago. This plant is very hardy and reliable.

Excuse me, but I want to get back outside and see what else is going on!

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