Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lost Ladybug Project

Awhile ago, I found this little ladybug in one of our hummingbird feeders! I'm guessing it's Cycloneda sp. I've already uploaded photos to the Lost Ladybug Project.

UPDATE–MARCH 26, 2009–This just in from Rebecca Rice Smyth at Cornell University: "A polished ladybug, Cycloneda munda, and Texas is about as far west as this species goes. Interesting! Thank you so very much!"

Cool cool cool! (Plus I guessed right on the genus.)


Lorilee said...

Interesting. I never really thought about there being different types of ladybugs! I remember one year, my parent's camper was full of them. They were in the vents and between the widows and screens. It was strange.
Do you have any Martins yet? I haven't seen any on my house yet.
The houses at the Victoria Educational Gardens are full of them!

Kristin Lea said...

So I have seen 2 ladybugs w/o that common?

doubleh said...

Cheryl, I just read your article in the April 2009 issue of Texas Co-op Power. I am a lover of native plants as well. My garden is northeast of Bryan in Leon County. Because I live most of the year in Santa Fe NM these days, my garden is left to its own, although I spend a couple of winter months here (late Feb through early Apr getting ready for spring/summer) and a couple of months at the end of the summer--mostly all about repairing the ravages of a Texas summer. I have vine growing over a make-do arbor at the back gate of my fenced in area. I'm going to post it on my own blog, so maybe you can take a look and tell me if it looks familiar. I haven't found anyone at A&M who can identify it. Thanks...Harold

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