Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Those sparrows!

I must say I am very impressed with the nest-building ability of the common house sparrow. I never knew they could build one so fast!

If you'll recall, we installed bolts on our martin house pole Sunday evening. While the house was down, I removed two of the six plugs (our three-level house has six "suites"–there's a front room and then an adjoining nest room). I thought maybe if a martin happened by, an open entrance would be a sure-fire attractant.

I was right. Sorta. The entrance attracted a couple of house sparrows by the very next morning! So yesterday, we took the house down AGAIN so we could remove the nest and replug both holes. I was just amazed at how fast the sparrows had built their nest! Nice nest, too, as you can tell by the photos. Plus they used the nesting compartment, which I thought was pretty smart for sparrows....


......... said...

Is it pretty common for sparrows to move into a martin house? I suppose so. Anyplace to up their nests.
Linda S.

Lorilee said...

It is VERY common for house sparrows to build in a purple martin house or any house for that matter. It is a constant battle removing their nests until martins move in.

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