Monday, March 16, 2009

Wildscape woes

All is not perfect, naturally, in a Texas Wildscape. We have our share of frustrations and setbacks, all part of the learning experience.

For instance, last evening, James installed three bolts in our new martin pole. That house will never collapse again! Before we got it back up in the air, I removed two of the six caps on the rooms, hoping that such obvious availability might entice a passing martin. Still, so far, they haven't arrived yet at our neighbors' yard.

This morning, I walked out there to the house and–DING DONG IT!–a couple of sparrows were busy MOVING IN! Which means we'll have to take down the house AGAIN, clean out their mess, and recap the holes. From what I've read, that's part of putting up a martin house. You've got to keep the sparrows and starlings OUT.

I'm amazed that those sparrows found the holes uncapped so fast. They must have been monitoring it from a safe distance.

Meanwhile, I glanced out the window this morning and saw that a squirrel had just found the new bird feeder we hung from an oak on our adjoining lot. He had it on the ground and was leisurely enjoying a late breakfast. Oh, well. We knew that was going to happen eventually. Squirrels don't waste any time either.

On my way back from the martin house, I picked up the knocked-down feeder and carried it back to the garage. Something else to figure out.

Such is life in a Texas Wildscape.

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Lorilee said...

Those House Sparrows are tenacious! I have had them start building a nest in my martin house while it was in the shed with the door open! I haven't see any martins here in Victoria yet either!

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