Monday, March 9, 2009

Spiders and siskins

Even though this drought is so very sad, I'm amazed to see nature's resiliency. Our lantanas, blue mist, flame acantha, and many other plants are budding out, determined to keep going. Yesterday, while unwinding the water hose, I spotted a teen-tiny spiderling, ballooning by on a silken strand. I caught the strand and anchored it to the faucet. Then I leaned in for a closer look. It was a crab spider child.

Later, when I walked through our gate, I saw another spiderling (photo above). Ok, time for the camera, I thought. This spiderling was a tad larger than the first one but still very small. It's an orbweaver.

In the back yard, the pine siskins (above) and gold finches are still devouring the thistle seed we're putting out. Some of the birds don't mind at all when we walk up close. Yesterday, Lindsey got a kick when she took her own closeups of a siskin on the thistle sock. Later, a siskin flew out near me when I was filling up a bird bath. I couldn't believe how close it got to me! I gave it a gentle shower, which I guess it liked.

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