Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blooms etc. in the Meadow

Goldeneyes (new!)
Native lantana
Horseherb and sida (orange)
Stiff greenthread
Drummond's woodsorrel
Baby's breath aster (new!)
White evolvulus
Crow poison
Prairie verbena
White heath aster (Can you spot two large flies?)
Common mestra
Water drops on a bluebonnet
Also blooming but not pictured: yellow wood sorrel, false nightshade and Texas vervain


Rock rose said...

You have lots of lovely blooms in your meadow. I was interested to see the woodsorrel because I have definitely seen those leaves before but never noticed a bloom. I am curious about that goldeneye because it does not look like mine. There should be more petals and they should be toothed and I don't see that. However, I don't know what it is. WIll try to find out.

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Hey Rock Rose, I may not have the ID correct on that sunflower-looking species. It's definitely not a common sunflower. Not enough flower petals. Any ideas on your end?

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