Monday, October 7, 2013

How does nature know?

Yesterday, I was piddling around in the back yard, dead heading flowers and spreading seeds that I found. Imagine my surprise when I grasped the tall seedhead of our giant coneflower and startled an orbweaver spider. Heck, imagine HER surprise! She fell off and landed on the mulch below. But she had a silk safety line behind her so she could scramble back up to her perch. She blended in SO WELL that I hadn't't see her until she fell off. 

Today I returned to the scene of my crime and shot some photos of her. See how well she blends into her background?

"How does she KNOW how to do that?" I asked James later. "It's not like she can look in a mirror at herself. How does she know to find something colored like herself?" James nodded in agreement.

Nature is AMAZING!

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