Friday, October 4, 2013

October 2013 in our Wildscape

The morning light was beautiful today so I borrowed James' camera and took photos around our Wildscape.

Everything's blooming, thanks to the recent 4.5 inches of rain that God blessed us with.

Maximilian daisies in bloom.
In the back spicebush and morning glories limping along.

We just love the climbing snapdragon vine.

James' newest project still underway.
Rain works magic on plants.

You gotta look hard to find our garden spider on her web.


Anonymous said...

Sheryl your yard reminds me so much of my Moms yard. She loved to make little or big rock walls around all the flower beds and she loved honeycomb rocks to do it with. You just helped me walk down a wonderful memory of my Moms wonderful flower beds and rock gardens. She won Yard of the Month here in Blanco one year. What a proud moment that was for her. She had a green thumb that wouldn't stop and she could nurse something dead back to life. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and putting a warm spot in my heart and mind remembering the wonderful, beautiful Mom that I love and miss so much. You are awesome.

Joyce Knoll

Unknown said...

Just so beautiful!! The Rain has helped "perk up" landscaping all over the area.. Great work and its fun to watch all the New projects--James included as he sure seems to have an EYE for plant arranging. The two of you work GREAT together.... lol,me

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

Thank you so much, Joyce. Please come by and visit our gardens in person!

Sheryl Smith-Rodgers said...

And thank you, too, Martha. The work keeps us outta trouble. Mostly. :-)

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