Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bryophytes continued

Last October, I learned so much at the Texas Master Naturalist state conference. I especially enjoyed Dale Kruse's "Bryophytes, the Forest Beneath Your Feet." During his sessions, I learned about mosses, liverworts and hornwort (see my Oct. 31, 2012, post, "When a light bulb goes off..."). Later, I added a small patch of moss from our yard to a terrarium that I keep in my office. 

In the photos above and below, you can barely see the moss patch in the right lower quadrant of the glass container. I also stuck in some bird's nest fungus that I couldn't bear to toss away.

Several weeks ago, I rescued several large patches of the same moss from our back yard and relocated them to a new area. Hey, I guess I need to make a name tag for it! Isn't nature just cool? 

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