Monday, October 31, 2016

Be gone, evil bur

We've just about eradicated grass bur (Cenchrus spinifex) from the Meadow. I found one of the last survivors a few days ago and yanked it up. I also searched the ground for its evil seeds and threw them all in a paper bag. Then later, I BURNED them in our chiminea. 

Grass bur and I go WAY back. I distinctly remember sitting on the street curb of our home in Corpus Christi, crying because I had a sticker bur stuck in my foot. I HATE this stuff. Alas, yes, it IS a native. And according to, a song bird by the name of pyrrhuloxia somehow eats the seeds. But we don't have that bird around here so I feel A-okay pulling this dastardly grass.

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Shirley/Rock-Oak-Deer said...

Same here, they are so dastardly we put them in the bag immediately to keep seeds from dropping. We have pulled so many from our garden over the last few years yet it seems the wet spring sprouted many more dormant seeds than usual. The good part is we were able to seek and destroy what we hope is last of them.

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