Friday, October 7, 2016

Mandarin tree update

Yum! We're getting fruit off my Texas satsuma tree (Citrus unshiu 'Miho') that my son Patrick gave me for Mother's Day in 2004. Yes, I've kept it alive for all these years! It had been putting on fruit every other year. However, this is its first production since October 2013. I've been advised to fertilize my mandarin three times a year with a triple 13 mixture (13-13-13). The time are: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. I'd better put that on my calendar right this minute! (I did.)
I thought you might find it interesting that I'm using the pot as a "nursery" to start non-native pipevines (Aristolochia fimbriata) from seed that I collect from our plants. I drop the seeds in the dirt and do absolutely nothing else. Beause I water the tree frequently, the seeds germinate on their own. I discovered this by complete accident.

A couple of months ago, I carefully removed the pipevine fledglings from the tree pot and planted them with our other pipevines under the oaks in the Meadow. They're doing just fine. I'll transplant the last one left in the pot soon.

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