Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Some other critters

This little guy lives on our back porch screen door. Dumb me–I thought it was a walking stick. Nope. This is a thread-legged bug (an assassin bug), maybe Emesaya brevipennis. He especially loves it when James turns on the porch light, which attracts moths galore. Supper! Here's more info on this interesting critter.  
Somebody's recently laid eggs on an exterior wall by the back porch light. Maybe our thread-legged bug is a gal? On second thought, no, these aren't bug eggs. For one thing, that skinny, little bug couldn't have laid all these! I'll just have to try and keep an eye on them and see what happens.
Juvenile Texas spiny lizard, giving me the once over.
Not a great shot, but finally a picture of the funnel weaver spider that lives in our rosemary.

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