Monday, October 24, 2016

Butterflies butterflies butterflies

Oh, my goodness, our Wildscape is LOADED with butterflies right now! We've had a lot of new species this year. Some of which I documented during the 2016 Texas Pollinator BioBlitz using iNaturalist. I haven't had time to blog here because that project kept me SO busy earlier this month. Then the 2016 Texas Master Naturalist state conference was this past weekend in Montgomery. I'm teched out, but I just couldn't go outside without my camera. Sure enough, I got hooked right back into photographing our beautiful visitors.....(Feel free to correct any IDs of mine)
Our first monarch was spotted October 15. Now we're seeing LOTS of them!
NEW! Glazed pellicia skipper Sickle-winged skipper (Eantis tamenund)
Ocola skipper
Fiery skipper
Perhaps ocola skipper
Ocola skipper
Safe travels, monarch lady!
Sulphur and gray hairstreak
Tattered pipevine, I think
Very faded bordered patch
Sleepy orange
Eastern carpenter bee
Ailanthus webworm moth
Tawny emperor
Giant swallowtail
Skippers in love
Gray hairstreak
Giant swallowtail
Mexican cactus fly
NEW!! Julia heliconian
Giant swallowtail
Phaon crescent
Orange sulphur
Giant swallowtail
Zilpa longtail

Anthophora sp. bee

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Rock rose said...

Well done on the identification. I had quite a bit of difficulty, especially with the skippers. Not to mention trying to get them to sit still. I also had a Julia heleconian on my lantana.

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