Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Spider love of several sorts

So I was strolling through the Meadow when I crouched down to get a better look at a silverleaf nightshade. You just never know what you might find hanging out on one. Well, lo and behold, I spotted a she crab spider AND a he crab spider, involved in a bit of spider hanky panky. I was extra glad that I taken my point-and-shoot along with me so out it came. I took a few shots before I realized a SECOND he spider was standing by. (Sometimes multiple males will mate with one female, IF she lets them.) At any rate, I scared off the fellow in waiting. But not before I got photos of him, too.

Later, in the salvia 'Hot Lips,' I just happened to see this beautiful guy all by himself. I think it's a male Argiope aurantia, but I'm not certain. And poor guy....look, he's missing part of his manliness––his left pedipalp (our right). You an also see that this species has three pairs of eyes.

Since I was on the photo subject of spiders, I decided to meander to our back yard, where I knew a mother green lynx spider was watching over her soon-to-be brood. She'll guard her egg sac until the little orange ones emerge, which could be any time.
 Viva spider love!

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