Thursday, October 27, 2016

Spider moms

Whenever I give my spider presentations, I always mention how some species are especially good mothers. Like wolf spiders and nursery web spiders. Another is the green lynx, which guards her egg sac until death. This evening, I observed behavior that further confirms what devoted moms spiders can be. While trimming salvias, I spotted a green lynx dining on a bee beneath her egg sac. Little orange spiderlings had already emerged and were moving about within the webbing around the sac. I pulled out my little camera from a pocket and moved in closer for photos. My approach sent the mama lynx hurrying upward, where she settled atop her sac. Scroll down through these photos, and you'll see, too.

Also in the salvias, I found a crab spider in her "lurk and pounce" position. Oh, my, she was DEFINITELY "with children." She's bound to be laying her egg sac SOON!

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