Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some silly fun...

Last week, when Lindsey and I took our short spring break trip together, we walked into a nearby dollar store and browsed the toys. She didn't have to twist my arm to buy some coloring kits that featured bright magic markers and "velvet" boards with designs stamped on them. Lindsey also picked out a kit that had three "scratch-off"boards and a plastic stylus. As you can see, I picked out the ladybug design. I must say the scratch-off part requires a lot of concentration and a keen ability to stay within the lines. But I prevailed.

Today I added the "LADYBUG FOUND" (cruddy exclamation point) and then mailed it to my friend, Rebecca Rice Smyth, who's a researcher with the Lost Ladybug Project. She's gonna be surprised. Maybe she'll even get a laugh.

Who knew I was so talented?

P.S. My velvet coloring board featured a happy milk cow surrounded by flowers. I carefully colored everything with lots of bright colors. Then I presented my moo-nificent work of art to husband James, who graciously hung it in the meat market where he works.

He's good at humoring me.

APRIL 8, 2009–UPDATE–Rebecca sent me an e-mail: "Hi, Sheryl! I just got your present today!!! It arrived days ago, but I haven't been in the lab. Your beautiful work is up on my wall, very cheerful. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I love it."

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Kristin Lea said...

Chad would totally do something like a cow picture in a meat market....!!!
We planted our tomato's last week, I am either a glutton for punishment, or optimistic, but I am trying another heirloom tomato. Anyways, I was weeding around it, and a lady bug landed on me. They have been kinda thick around here lately.

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