Monday, April 20, 2015

Major project DONE

For the longest time, we've wanted to enlarge our back patio and maybe even turn it into a covered or screened porch. This past week, we took the plunge and tackled the first phase. To make it happen, we contacted Jessie Ruiz with Ruiz Construction. 

But first, we had to do the hard part...figure out the DESIGN. We outlined a curved border with rocks.

I really wanted to get rid of this problem flower-bed area (above), where nothing ever grew. Why not fill it in with concrete and utilize it instead?

The next day, Jessie and his crew installed the forms, footings, and rebar in accordance with our rock border. After they finished for the day, we went and look everything over. Something just wasn't quite right...

Jessie agreed. He'd spotted what we'd seen but was just doing what we asked. Could he fix it? Yes! And he did.

So TODAY was THE DAY! Jessie and his great guys POURED concrete and worked their magic.

Jessie working....
James helped with unloading concrete, which had to be carted in by wheelbarrow. I stayed out of the way and watched everyone from the dining room.
TA DA!!!

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