Sunday, April 12, 2015

Standing cypress 2015

Two. That's how many we have this year. My potted standing cypress (yellow pot, above) was one that I unexpectedly rooted from a cutting last year. The other (below) sprouted from a seed that lodged between the patio and brick wall. Go figure.

Standing cypress have a two-year life cycle. They produce a rosette their first year, then shoot up and bloom their second. I hope to gather at least some seeds from my two. Last year in our Meadow, I spread a bunch of standing cypress seeds given to me by a friend, Nancy. I'm watching for sprouts but not sure if I've sighted any yet. Last year, Nancy also brought me a cutting for show-and-tell. I stuck it in water, and it took! 

So there you have it–our two standing cypress for 2015.

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TexasDeb said...

I've never had any luck with standing cypress here, I'm looking forward to seeing yours in bloom.

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