Monday, April 6, 2015

New additions!

My new friends from the Cibolo Nature Center Mostly Native Plant Sale:

Escarpment black cherry (Prunus serotina var. eximia)
Green milkweed (2) (Asclepias viridiflora
Mexican plum (Prunus mexicana)
Pincushion daisy (Gaillardia suavis)
Rusty blackhaw viburnum (Viburnum rufidulum)
Simpson's rosinweed (Silphium simpsonii)
Texas ebony (Ebenopsis ebano)
Texas kidneywood (Eysenhardtia texana)

We also bought some bronze fennel (swallowtail host plant) and purple oxalis for color.
I just LOVE my natives....KISS KISS*
Group shot! Everyone smile!

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TexasDeb said...

Those are some beauties and because they are natives (or well adapted) those plants will be smiling back at you for years to come. Especially after they get ready for their close-ups!

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