Monday, April 6, 2015

Mostly Native Plant Sale!

So one of my favorite events for the year has come and gone. Sniff. The Cibolo Nature Center's Mostly Native Plant Sale was last Saturday in Boerne. I LOVE that sale. I always see friends there and make lots of new ones. Not to mention, I bring home LOTS of new plant friends for our Wildscape. Post to follow about that.

The sale is held at the Kendall County Fairgrounds.
The Monarch Watch folks are always there, selling milkweed. I bought some, of course.

Monarch Watch rep and our wonderful, fun-filled friend, Dr. Kip Kiphart! Everyone loves Kip.

I had to take a photo of this strange gopher plant, and let me tell you why. Saturday morning, after James got out of bed, he said we had to "dig dig dig, like a gopher!" because we were headed for the plant sale. He also gestured madly with his hands, like he was digging digging digging. I laughed and laughed. Wish you could have been there to see his performance. I didn't even have my glasses on, and it was still hilarious. 
Here I am, checking out potential friends at the Native Plant Society of Texas booth.

I found one! A healthy Simpson's rosinweed!
Another new friend, Wilt Shaw with the NPSOT. Good times were had by all! Thank you, James!

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