Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tree ducks

We still have black-bellied whistling-ducks that like to hang out in our oaks in the front yard. I love to hear them chatter.


fireflyfisherman said...

It is so neat to watch those tree ducks check out boxes/cavities. They really do have a wonderful call.

Melody said...

Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks are my favorite! They've been coming to our property for 12 years and each season there are more, including the immature newbies in late summer. During migration they cover the roof of our house and barn and are so loud. I so enjoy hearing them coming from far away! They come in the morning and the evening and I've always wondered where they go during the day. Once I was driving in Brackenridge Park and saw the ducks there in the river and wondered if they were ones that came to my house to eat. If I had a pond I bet they've never leave!

Laura said...

I saw 3 of these this morning in the tree across the street. Was wondering what they were. Cool!

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